Kitchen Remodels

Kitchen Remodels

Trust Marrokal’s award-winning design-build team to revive the heart of your home – the kitchen.  Our skilled team of experts will create a beautifully-designed, optimally-functioning kitchen; perfect for cooking, entertaining and bringing the family together.

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Room Additions

Room Additions

No need to sell your home to get more space. Trust Marrokal to seamlessly integrate a room addition with the existing infrastructure of your home and create a warm and welcoming new space for your family’s enjoyment.

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Whole House Renovations

Whole House Renovations

When it comes to whole house renovations, trust your home to the experts. Marrokal has been providing award-winning design-build services in San Diego for over thirty years. Whatever your vision for your home, we can turn it into reality.

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Outdoor Living Rooms

Outdoor Living Rooms

Trust Marrokal to bring comfort, quality and design excellence into the open with an outdoor living room that your family, friends and neighbors can enjoy year ‘round.

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Our Latest Story

2014 – Creative Bathroom Trends

2014 trends revolve around keeping things clean, simple and practical. There is also a modern, chic feel to the latest in colors and design. These creative ideas may not be for everyone, but they certainly add an innovative look to any bathroom.

It may sound crazy, but if you’re looking for a bold contrast to typical neutral bathroom décor, black faucets, tubs, lighting and tile are the newest “in” trend. Adding this deep, dramatic hue keeps plain white spaces from looking too sterile and common. Black creates a modern, industrial look and will make a dramatic impact that no one will expect.

2014 shower trends continue with the modern seamless look. Flooring that runs right into the shower, rather than having to stop it at the shower curb, offers a clean, beautiful spa like design approach. A curb less shower is stylish and chic in a way you might not expect. It creates a decorative look while being completely functional.

Floating Vanity
A floating vanity is a beautiful and unique way to create the feeling of more space. This modern unique look can even showcase beautiful tile or flooring For smaller spaces, there’s still the option to incorporate quite a bit of storage into floating vanities. Look for the paneled doors that you would see on a traditional vanity, just without added legs.

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Ideas For A Kitchen Backsplash

Don’t forget that you can have fun with the backsplash in your kitchen. Instead of the typical ubiquitous white subway tiles go with a fun new trend and try something brighter, edgier, or even funkier, and add a pop of color in your neutral kitchen. A great idea is to consider colorful glass mosaic tiles that can be done by you or by a professional.

Tiles come in a wide range of colors. Choose from mini mosaic tiles in bright hues like cherry red, royal blue, or mixed design. Miniature glass mosaics are a bold alternative to the subway tiles so popular in the 00’s. Their translucent finish also offers a lighter, more modern feel than opaque ceramic or natural stone tiles. This will create a beautiful and unique backsplash in any size kitchen.

Miniature glass tiles come in eye-catching colors and often have a repetitive pattern. This may make them best for a more clean and streamlined space. To avoid mismatching designs consider your cabinetry as well as your appliances. Tiles work great with high gloss lacquered cabinets and stainless steel or black finished appliances.

A backsplash with glass tiles will create a fun and fresh look in your space and should last for a number of years. It can be the one area in your kitchen where you can have some fun.

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Color Trends For 2014

Color Trends For 2014

Can’t decide what colors to choose when painting your bedroom or decorating your home? Color forecasters are sharing their take on what colors will be big in this New Year. Nature and the seashore are always big inspirations and 2014 is no different. From the neutral colors of the sand to mint green and light blues of the ocean, and the pinks and reds in a sunset sky, your choices in nature and serenity are endless.

• Corals and teals are great colors to consider using when accenting one wall. This can be done in almost any room in your home.

• Large open spaces can be a great place to paint, using yellow, or a jewel or mint green. These colors give a feeling of renewed energy, vibrancy, and optimism.

• Sand colors like creams and light yellows create a soft sense of tranquility and are ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms.

• Light blues, pinks, and lilacs are becoming the new neutral and can be used in almost any room in the house. It offers a clean fresh background that will allow other colors in a room to stand out.

2014 colors reflect a desire to get back in touch with nature. These colors are a great way to even offset a modern style home. Get influenced by seashores and landscapes, and recharge your batteries in a relaxing and stylish space.

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Small Space Decorating

Small Space Decorating

If you have a small office or bedroom in your home, you know how difficult it can be to decorate. Small-space decorating can be a challenge, but with some advice and a few simple tips, you can make the most of a small room in your home.

• Scale – The key to successfully decorating a small space is to scale the size of objects in relation to each other. Avoid extremely large furniture items that can take up space, but don’t think everything has to be small. Include a mix of different scale items for the perfect look.

• Windows – Windows are a great tool when it comes to visually enlarging a small room. A great idea is to leave your windows bare, or match the color of your window treatments to your walls to eliminate the look of a tight space.

• Double Duty – Many homeowners need to use their small space for double duty. A good example is using a daybed as a couch and then converting it as a place for guests to sleep at night. You can also purchase things like tables with drawers if you need storage space.

• White – Light colors open up a space. To create the illusion of more room, consider using all white. This can include walls, furniture and any other décor that you plan on putting in your space.

• Mirrors – Mirrors are one of the best items you can hang on your wall to create the illusion of depth in a small room. It doesn’t matter the size. Small mirrors will reflect light and views just as well as large mirrors, giving you the sense that you have a bigger space.

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Affordable Home Projects

Affordable Home Projects

Are you looking to make some simple and affordable changes around the house? You don’t have to spend a ton of money to freshen up a kitchen, bedroom, or hallway space. We offer you a few quick, easy, and super cost efficient ways to freshen up your space for the New Year.

New Window Treatments
Replace battered shades or old heavy curtains with new window treatments. There are a wide range of inexpensive fabric treatments that are easy on the wallet.

Replacing the trim in your home is a minor detail that will have a big impact. Replace mismatched, missing, or damaged moldings, end caps, quarter rounds, or a baseboard and see the difference.

Fun Switch plates
Do you have boring old plastic switch plates? Changing your switch plates with something fun in a wood, metal, or ceramic cover can make a fun statement in an affordable way. Some switch plates are even textured to blend in with marble, tile or stone surfaces.

A Fresh Coast of Paint
Nothing changes a room like a fresh coat of paint. Get excited by the new 2014 color palettes. Consider painting one wall a completely different color for an eye-popping s statement. If you aren’t feeling like putting all that work, look around at old furniture or any items you might have that could use some paint.

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Bathroom Remodel – Walk In Shower Ideas

Bathroom Remodel – Walk In Shower Ideas

The best part of remodeling your bathroom is picking out a new walk-in shower. There are a number of options when it comes to material, design, and style. Here, we offer a few ideas to help you get inspired and turn your walk-in shower into something truly spectacular.

· Mosaic tile enclosed by glass doors create a clean and elegant look. It will draw your eye’s attention as soon as you walk into the room.

· White wall and ceiling tile along with multiple showerheads, and a bench creates a spa-like bathroom shower. A wonderful way to truly enjoy your space.

· Instead of a standard shower door, choose floor to ceiling glass panels that separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom. Use this modern idea and create a stunning standout.

· If you never take a bath, consider removing the bathroom tub completely to create an extra spacious shower and steam room. Floor to ceiling glass doors will keep water in and steam contained.

· Install a skylight above your shower. This allows natural sunlight to come in, giving you the feeling of a bigger space, and like you are showering outdoors.

· Frameless shower doors are ideal for a small space. It opens up the area, and keeps your walk-in shower from feeling closed in and cramped.

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Exterior Home Remodeling

Exterior Home Remodeling

Is it time to remodel the exterior of your home? Whether you are considering selling, or just wanting to improve the curb appeal, an exterior update is a great place to spend your remodeling budget. There are a number of variables to consider when doing an exterior remodel. From a simple fresh coat of paint to an entire architectural makeover, you can enhance your entire home.

The most affordable and simple exterior makeover can be a new coat of paint. Choose a color that will stand the test of time and complement the design of your home. You may also want to consider your neighborhood, so that you don’t choose a color that makes your home drastically stand out, in an unflattering way. A fresh coat of paint is a great way to enhance your home’s curb appeal while being totally affordable.

For bigger projects, you will want to consult with your remodeler. A professional should help you with major changes to architecture, roofs, doors, garages, or windows. With a remodel consultation, you can make the right decisions to fit your property and your lifestyle. Find inspiration by looking at other homes in your neighborhood that you admire and get expert advice on exterior remodeling choices that will add to the value of your home.

An exterior remodel is a big project and even if it’s just a fresh coat of paint, you want to make sure you are making the best choice for your property.

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Energy Efficient Remodeling

Energy Efficient Remodeling

Having an earth-friendly home is easy. There are a ton of choices when it comes to energy conservation remodeling that will not only positively impact the planet, but also your pocketbook. With a little help from your professional remodeler, you can pick from some of the best earth-friendly ways to re-design your home.

Changing out old appliances can make a big difference when it comes to green living and your utility bill. Reduce your appliance load by replacing them with Energy Star certified products. You can replace almost anything from your stove to your refrigerator with eco-friendly appliances. You can also do some simple things like running your appliances early in the morning or late at night during hot summer months.

Replace your windows to improve energy conservation. Have a professional check all the windows in your home for leaks. This can make a huge difference when it comes to using your heater or AC, and saving you money on our utility bill. New windows can improve insulation as well as keep heat out. Ask your remodeler about Energy Star qualified windows.

Heat and Air Conditioning:
Consider installing a programmable thermostat to conserve energy and save on costs. Use your heat and air conditioning strategically and see the difference. Also, make sure that you have your systems checked and maintained by a professional every year to ensure proper use and clean air filters.

Leaks and Cracks:
Have your remodeler check for leaks in doors and windows as well as foundation cracks. Also update your insulation during your remodeling project to tackle any temperature issues. By finding and repairing leaks and cracks in your home you can conserve energy where needed.

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Tips On How To Spend Your Remodeling Dollars

Tips On How To Spend Your Remodeling Dollars

If you are planning on doing any kind of work or remodeling projects on your home, it is important that you spend your money wisely. Just because you put money into your home doesn’t necessarily mean you will get it back when selling. It is critical that you spend your remodeling money wisely so that you can get the most out of your home. Consider these few simple tips as you begin your project.

· Professional Work – No matter how big or small your remodeling job might be, you want to be sure it is done right the first time. For quality remodeling work, hiring a professional is always the best way to go.

· Match The Neighborhood – Low end remodeling work and finishes in a high-end neighborhood will only hurt you later when you sell your home. You also want to be careful on over-improving and standing out like a sore thumb in a nice neighborhood.

· Timeless Not Trendy – No matter if you are remodeling your entire home or just remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, a timeless look and style always works best. Trendy remodeling finishes can become dated and lose its value over time.

· Wise Room Additions – Adding on or changing an existing room in your home should be done wisely. Turning a bedroom into a full size walk-in closet may not be the best way to spend your money. Don’t lose a bedroom unnecessarily if you plan on selling your home.

Consider how you spend your remodeling dollar regardless if you are going to stay or sell your home. Work with an honest professional and make the best decisions for your budget.

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Essential Questions For Room Additions

Essential Questions For Room Additions

A room addition is a big project. Homeowners will want to be very sure that adding an addition room to your home is the right choice. Before you spend the time and money, you will want to ask yourself some essential questions.

Are you selling your home or just looking to add more space? Not all room additions necessarily mean more value. If you are strictly doing the add on for more value, you want to be certain the kind of addition you are choosing will do just that. Speak to an appraiser or realtor and gather information on what it will to the price of your home.

What type of space are you considering? Bathrooms and extra bedrooms are essential. These spaces are a great reason to add on to your home. Something like a sun room or massive walk-in closet may not add value but take away from the price of your home.

If you are just looking for some space solutions, speaking to your professional remodeler. They may be able to come up with different options to create more space in your home. You don’t want to waste a lot of time and money. With the help of a remodeling professional, you will feel more confident about making a decision.

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