Easy Decorating Tips For Every Homeowner

For many decorating their home can be one of the most difficult aspects of transforming a house to a home.   Despite the abundance of décor magazines, television shows and online blogs dedicated to giving people ideas, not everyone knows how to implement these tips.   However, decorating does not have to be that complicated, here are some basic tips everyone can use to transform their house to a home.

Tip #1. Paint.   The number one way to transform the look of a room is by painting the walls.  Nothing makes a room more boring than keeping the walls white or some obscene color.   It is best to choose a neutral color like a tan, gray or beige.  These colors will compliment a range of furnishings and will not date the home as time goes by.

Tip #2.   Consider the lighting.   It is amazing just how much difference installing the right lighting can do.  From chandeliers to floor lamps, choosing the right lighting to illuminate your space can take a dark, dingy room to new heights.

Tip #3.  Install quality blinds, window valances/ curtains.  These small touches to each room will make the room look finished as well as provide some much needed privacy.  Stick to light fabrics and colors to keep the natural light from the windows.

Tip #4.  Add rugs.  By adding a rug to a room with hardwood or tile flooring will add some warmth to the room as well as protect your floors from normal wear and tear.

Tip # 5.  Add some throw pillows and blankets.  While these accessories have a practical purpose it allows you to play with color and texture bringing some personality to the space.

Tip #6.  Put up pictures and display artwork.  Similar to the benefits of adding other accessories, displaying photographs or artwork that speaks to you will allow your home to be a reflection of you.

Tip #7. Add flowers and plants to your living space.  Many studies suggest adding plants and flowers to a space can reap many benefits including enhancing good moods, and making people feel at peace.  They also add a little splash of color and life without overwhelming the space.


Reinventing The Great Outdoors With An Outdoor Living Space

As the weather starts to warm up again, many people will be spending more time outside. For many this means taking out the outdoor furniture and enjoying time in the sun in their own backyard. In recent years, there has been a trend toward people transforming their patios or decks into outdoor living spaces. Depending on the individual needs of each homeowner the type of outdoor living space created changes. Here are some of the most common ways people create outdoor living spaces.

1.Create an Outdoor Kitchen/Barbecue. Back in the day most people were content to stand in the backyard over a basic grill, this is not the case anymore. From built in grills/BBQ to gourmet kitchen complete with a brick pizza oven, outdoor kitchens are the perfect solution for homeowners who love to entertain. It provides the convenience of a kitchen with the space and ambiance of the great outdoors.

2. Create a lounge space. Gone are the days of plastic lawn furniture and cheap picnic tables. Nowadays there are many retail stores that offer high quality lounge chairs, sofas and tables that are perfect for the outdoor. In addition to furnishing your outdoor living space it is essential to properly landscape the space. Rid your yard of weeds and overgrowth; add a variety of potted plants and flowers to bring a bit of color. If you do not have a green thumb, you can use lawn ornaments to add some décor.

3. Create a play space. For people with children transforming their normal backyard into a personal playground is becoming more popular. From designer tree houses to swing sets to a climbing wall, there is a wide variety of play equipment to choose from. So take your time, consider the space and find what works best for your family.

The bottom line is your outdoor living space needs to reflect your personal tastes and needs. It should be a space that is welcoming and comfortable. For more ideas on outdoor living spaces please visit http://www.marrokal.com.

Creating The Walk In Shower Of Your Dreams

Are you looking to increase the value of your home?  One of the easiest and most fruitful ways to increase the value of your home is to renovate your kitchen or bathroom.  For many homeowners a bathroom remodel is the best option, as it can be completed over the course of a few weeks, for a reasonable amount of money. 

One of the big trends in bathroom remodels is the walk in shower.  The walk in shower transforms a traditional bathroom into spa.  If you are thinking of adding a walk in shower to your bathroom be sure to follow these key tips.

1.  As a general rule of thumb, when picking a shower it is vital that you ensure there is enough room to raise your arms and move about. This rule is no different when it comes to walk in showers.  Choosing a shower that allows for comfort will add to the spa like experience.

2.  Never rush the process of laying grout, adhesive and caulk drying.  It is vital that everything dries perfectly, but making sure the bathroom is kept warm enough during the drying process.

3.  Think outside the cubicle.  Walk in showers can come in many different configurations, so get creative. You do not have to have the standard rectangle.

4.  Have fun with the design, a draw people’s eyes.  From modern mosaic tiles and glass blocks, these materials add an elegant and clean look. Choose glass blocks as your material for your walk in shower.

5.  Add multiple showerheads, a bench, a sauna feature, or perhaps even a waterproof stereo system.  You could even install a skylight.  Adding unique and state of the art features will transform the space.  Choose design features, like a floor to ceiling glass panel or curved entrance to make a statement.

Keeping Warm With Radiant Floor Heating

Nothing is worse then stepping out of a steamy shower and stepping onto the chilly tile floor.  Thankfully, chilly bathroom floors are becoming a thing of the past.  Today, more homeowners are installing radiant floor heating in their bathrooms.  There are many reasons why every homeowner should consider installing radiant floor heating.

The first reason is an obvious one.  Comfort.  Imagine being able to walk around completely barefoot even in the dead of winter.  Under floor heating spreads heat evenly throughout the room, virtually eliminating the strange hot and cold pockets that pop up.  Easily controlled by an individual thermostat, the homeowner can adjust the heat based on their personal preferences.

Another perk, radiant heated flooring can save homeowners money.  Compared to traditional heating solutions, radiant heated floor are 25-40% cheaper to run.  Imagine how much money you will save all winter long!  In addition to being more affordable, heated floors offer a healthier alternative for people who suffer from allergies or respiratory conditions.  Unlike traditional wall units and air ducts that push dirt and mold throughout the home, radiant floor heating heats your home without exposing your family to toxins.  In fact, heated floors actually decrease toxins in the home as they work to quickly dry your floors keeping mold and bacteria from growing in the first place.

Creating Energy Efficient Homes

We have all heard about the benefits of creating energy efficient homes, but what exactly does that entail?  It may seem overwhelming to transform your home into a “green” home but there are little changes you can make to get big results.  To start the switch to energy efficiency, the first step is replacing those old energy-sucking appliances.  By simply replacing your old refrigerator and dishwasher with Energy Star products you can save both money and energy.

Another simple change is to replace your windows.  Many homeowners do not realize just how much energy is wasted as a result of inefficient windows.  To begin, have a professional check all windows in the home for leaks.  Once you determine where the leaks are, you can start to replace said windows.  This will improve insulation and keep the temperature of the home just right.  By keeping the heat and air inside, you will only be paying for the energy you actually use.  It is also a good idea to have a professional check your doors for leaks and cracks in your foundation, as those can cause a loss of efficiency as well.

Installing a programmable thermostat will also help you conserve energy and save on costs.  It is recommended that all homeowners use their heating and air conditioning strategically and keep track of the difference.  The more you are aware of how you use energy, the more mindful you can spend it.



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